Even before we adopted our puppy, we asked Isabelle to meet with us and walk us through what should be expected upon our puppy’s arrival. Not only did Isabelle meet with us in our house to give us lots of essential tips but she also walked us through our local pet store to point out what could be useful to buy right away. When we came home with our new dog, Maisie, we were ready. Isabelle has come weekly to our house since then. Every week, we learn something new that we could apply right away. Every effort that we have put into raising our puppy has paid off already. Throughout this time, we have been able to reach Isabelle ANYTIME via text for any question big or small.  We are very grateful to have Isabelle’s calm energy to guide us while training our dog in a positive and safe manner. Thanks so much!
Nathalie L.


Isabelle was such a life-saver for us. When our young dog started to develop a phobia to construction sounds and nail guns (our neighborhood is in transition – there’s a lot of that going on!), we didn’t know what to do. Isabelle was such a pleasure to work with – very professional and confident. She gave us the tools we needed to make changes in our dog’s behaviour (and our own behaviour!) to work through the phobia and to have successful, and fun on-leash walks. I would highly recommend her.

Justine & Benoit

Isabelle has been a blessing to our pack and family. We have two Yorkshire Terriers that were spoiled and misbehaving! I didn’t realize that we as owners were feeding into this behavior negatively impacting our puppies because we were not being clear or consistent with training or expectations. Our dogs were frustrated and acted out which led to daily frustration for both me and my husband. Our dogs really liked and respected Isabelle from the start, and have learned a great deal from her and her lessons.

Because she comes into our home for lessons, the dogs learn in their own surroundings which I believe helps them retain the information.

Isabelle continues to give us advice over email, and follow up lessons in person. Any questions or concerns that we have, Isabelle is always happy to respond and give her advice and feedback.

Our puppies are much happier and behaved since Isabelle had coached our pack; which had led to a happier household all together.

We love you Isabelle!

Carla & Scott M.

We have an active household with two English bulldogs, Victor and Nelson. When we discovered Out of the Doghouse, issues like jumping, barking and pulling on leash were proving more than we could handle. My husband I were at our wits end when the behavioral issues with both of the dogs proved a challenge to our growing family with the addition of our daughter Sophia.

Isabelle sat us down and discussed the issues we faced and using her insight and experience developed a training regime that would teach us how to properly interact with and train our dogs. She really took the time to understand how we lived and what each of our dogs needed.

The result? Two Bullies who are able to grow with us and who are much more a part of our family. Isabelle is caring professional and invested in making changes that suit the way you live as well as the unique personalities of your pets. From puppies who need to learn the basics all the way through to old dogs who want to learn new tricks, Out of the Doghouse goes above and beyond.


Une connaissance nous a recommandé Isabelle alors que mon puppy n’avait que 12 semaines et que nous étions épuisés. Grâce à Isabelle et son service exceptionnel et surtout très personnalisé, nous avons maintenant un jeune chien très gentil et surtout obéissant. Elle est disponible en tout temps et elle est de bons conseils peut importe la situation. Je lui donne 10/10. Merci Isabelle d’être là pour nous.


“An acquaintance recommended Isabelle when our puppy was only 12 weeks old and we were already exhausted. Thanks to Isabelle and her exceptional and very personalized service, we now have a nice and obedient young dog. She is always available and gives sound advice regardless of the situation. I give her a 10/10. Thank you, Isabelle for being there for us”

Julie & Yanick

I have known Isabelle for over 15 years and have always known her to have a great passion for all animals but I have really seen her shine when it comes to working with dogs. Isabelle has owned some challenging dogs over the years and her becoming a certified dog trainer is a perfect fit. As a professional pet sitter I am sometimes in situations where I am not sure of the best way to work with a dog . My goal is to have a happy dog and have that dog enjoy the time we spend together. I have called on Isabelle numerous times to get suggestions on how best to get a dog to walk on a leash, get in a car, or to not jump on me when I come into the home. Isabelle has also come and met with me and the dog(s) I am caring for and worked with us on issues. The outcomes have been amazing. I have had dogs that couldn’t walk on leash by the end of my stay with them able to walk comfortably. Dogs that were petrified of big dogs walk past a big dog with out a care in the world. I have a happy dog and very happy owners. I would highly recommend Isabelle as a trainer to anyone who wants a better relationship with their dog.

Kelly Massina

Co-owner, Rover and K!tts Home & Petsiting