It is never too late.

Dogs of any age can benefit from professional dog training.

Puppy Training

– house Training, crate training, socialization, basic manners and puppy training

Basic Obedience

– focus, leave-it/drop-it, sit, down, stay, recall, polite leash walking, impulse control exercises…

Manners Please!

– housetraining, barking, jumping, chewing, , leash pulling/lunging, attention-seeking behaviours…


– insecurities/fears, lack of confidence, reactivity (often interpreted as aggression)…

UNIQUE – Every dog is different and your expectations and needs will differ from someone else’s based on lifestyle. I offer customized programs to meet individual needs and goals; from basic training to addressing very specific goals or concerns.

FLEXIBLE – From your home to a park, training locations are determined based on your goals.  I am available evenings and weekends.

VARIETY – What works for one dog/handler may not work for another.  I offer a variety of techniques to ensure success.   

OPEN – Any breed, any age, intact or fixed,  you are welcome.

GENTLE – You will learn to communicate with and teach your dog without harsh corrections or punishment.

POSITIVE – Building a positive relationship between you and your dog, based on trust and respect.